September 30 SESSION 1: AGN across the spectral bands    (chair: R. Porcas)
A. Zensus Opening address
A. Marscher The relationship between radio and higher-frequency AGN  (review)
R. Becker Radio observations: The best way towards an unbiased sample of quasars
C. Wolf Optical view of AGN  (review)
T. Arshakian Radio-optical scrutiny of the central engine in compact AGN
G. Weigelt Infrared interferometry of AGN: present results and future goals
D. Worrall High-energy view of AGN (review)
L. Popovic Connection between X-ray, UV and optical emission line regions of AGN
October 01 SESSION 2: AGN across the luminosity range    (chair: M. Camenzind)
A. King Accretion and outflows in AGN  (review)
L. Gallo The roles of partial covering in the X-ray spectra of NLS1
M. Whiting On the origin of the BL Lac phenomenon
M. Sikora Gamma-ray blazars with UV bumps
R. Schoedel The center of the Milky Way
S. Corbel Similarities and scaling laws for AGN and X-ray binaries  (review)
E. Koerding The radio/X-ray correlation and the unification of low power black holes
SESSION 3: Relativistic outflows in AGN    (chair: A. Lobanov)
M. Camenzind Relativistic outflows in AGN  (review)
S. Jorstad Highly variable apparent speed in 3C279
M. Perucho Pla Simulations of parsec-scale jet in 3C273
M. Lyutikov Role of large-scale magnetic fields in AGN jets
M. Georganopoulos Using the CMB to probe the matter content of extended quasar jets
G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan Very long-wave electromagnetic radiation from jets
M. Kadler A multiband approach to AGN: Radioscopy & radio astronomy
A. Dorodnitsyn Line-driven winds near black holes
Poster review   (T. Beckert, A. Polatidis)
October 02 SESSION 4: AGN across the Universe    (chair: R. Becker)
P. Cox AGN and galaxy formation / co-evolution  (review)
A. Koekemoer EXOs: A population of dusty AGN in the early Universe
E. Treister Multiwavelength number counts of AGN in the GOODS fields
L. Gurvits QSOs at high-redshift as seen at radio (VLBI) and X-ray domains
A. Iyudin Gamma-ray probe of the dense QSO environment
T. Beckert IR emission from the dusty veil around AGN
M. Lacy  Mid-infrared selection of obscured AGN
I. Marquez Comparing isolated active and non-active galaxies
A. Marscher Summary of the workshop
A. Lobanov Closing the workshop
PART 1: AGN across the spectral bands
E. Cackett Photoionised Hb emission in NGC 5548: It breathes!
V. Chavushan Profile variability of the H-alpha and H-beta broad emission lines in NGC 5548
D. Ilic The UV spectra of radio loud and radio quiet AGN: The ratio of NV/Lya and CIV1550/L
O. Kurtanidze Optical photometry of X-ray selected BL Lacs
M. Nikolashvili Behaviour of BL Lacertae during 1997-2002
PART 2: AGN across the luminosity range
Y. Artemova Accretion Disks around Black Holes with Optical Depth Transition and Advection
B. Kelly Destroying degeneracy: Spanning the luminosity range for radio quiet quasars at z>4
J. Multaka An inverse method for stellar population synthesis. - Application to AGN
O. Gonzalez-Martin X-ray nature of the LINER nuclear sources
H. Zhou Starburst AGN connections: Clues from poststarburst broad line AGN in the SDSS DR2
M. Massi Multiband observations of the microquasar LSI +61 303
PART 3: Relativistic outflows in AGN
D. Dallacasa The youngest radio sources
H. Landt What type of jets does nature make? A new population of blazars
PART 4: AGN across the Universe
M. Jamrozy Recurrent activity in radio galaxies
A. Lobanov Mergers and binary SMBH in the contexts of nuclear activty and galaxy evolution
M. Orienti The nature of the Mid-IR-faint radio sources from the Spitzer First Look Survey
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