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Visitor Registration

Ivonne Boost, Andreas Reimann

Phone:   +49 2257 301-101
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Registration for the talks (no guided tours!) via phone Monday to Friday. If not available, please send an e-mail.



Astronomical Walks at Effelsberg

Three astronomical walks with target descriptions at the different stations have been built in the vicinity of the Effelsberg Radio Telescope. They present in different scales objects of our Solar System (Planetary Walk), stars, nebulae and stellar clusters in our own galaxy (Milky Way Walk) and finally a number of galaxies and quasars in huge distances (Galaxy Walk).

Effelsberg Planetary Trail

Planetary Trail

Effelsberg Planetary Trail
Effelsberg Milky Way Trail

Milky Way Trail

Effelsberg Milky Way Trail
Effelsberg Galaxy Trail

Galaxy Trail

Effelsberg Galaxy Trail
Effelsberg Time Travel Trail

Time Travel Trail

Effelsberg Time Travel Trail

Visitor's Programm at Effelsberg

Information possibilities at the Radio-Observatory Effelsberg

Unfortunately, due to the impact of the July 14/15, 2021 weather disaster on the Effelsberg Radio Observatory, no visitor lectures can be held in the pavilion at the site of the 100-m radio telescope at present:

Radio-Observatorium Effelsberg von Starkregen betroffen

A part of our astronomical hiking trails leading as Milky Way Trail from the viewing plateau in front of the radio telescope around the institute area to the starting point of the Galaxy Trail, is not accessible on the passage directly behind the LOFAR field due to the effects of the flooding! However, the viewing plateau itself is still accessible from the visitor pavilion.

We would like to inform you about the visitors' program at the Radio Observatory Effelsberg. Public talks are offered to groups from 10 up to a maximum of 80 people in a pavilion at the observatory site. Normally they will be held in German, English talks are possible on request.

There is a new display installed at the courtyard of the visitors' pavilion, presenting two movies. One is about science with the 100m radio telescope, the other movie shows a virtual tour to the top of the telescope. The science movie is accessible in both, German and English language. Talks for visitor groups (from 8 to a maximum of 30 participants) are possible at the following times:

July 13 to October 
Tuesday to Saturday
at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

(There are no talks on Sundays, Mondays, and on public holidays.)

Smaller groups and individuals could arrange to attend talks for already registered groups. But keep in mind, that the regular talks will be normally held in German!

In general, we recommend requests and confirmation via phone. For the talks we ask for a fee of 2 Euro for adults and 1 Euro for children and pupils. We regret that credit cards cannot be accepted.

For technical reasons and last but not least for security regulations there are no guided tours or visits to the interior of the Observatory and the telescope itself possible.

The radio telescopes of the Effelsberg observatory (100-m telescope and Effelsberg LOFAR station) are extremely sensitive receivers for the measurement of extremely weak radio signals from astronomical sources in the distant universe. Man-made radio interference can cause significant problems with the observations.

We therefore ask to switch off mobile phones, notebooks and other electronical devices either completely or to operate them in flight mode.

There is no public road directly to the observatory! However, there is good access to the public park site (labeled "Radioteleskop Effelsberg"). From there, an easy walk of 10-15 minutes leads to the visitors' building (pavilion).

Registration for the talks is possible via phone (working days) or via letter/fax to the following address:

Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie
- Radioobservatorium Effelsberg -
D-53902 Bad Münstereifel

Phone: ++49 2257-301-101 (Monday to Friday till noon)
Fax: ++49 (0)2257-301-105

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