Dr. Simone Pott
Gleichstellungsbeauftragte / Equal Opportunities Officer
Phone:+49 228 525-218


Equal Opportunitites

All people should have the freedom to advance in their career, regardles of their gender, nationality, age, sexual identy or expected role. The skills, personal situation and viewpoints should be considered and promoted.

Welcome to the Internet performance of the MPIfR's Equal Opportunities Officer.

Day care for Children
Day care is near by the institut.

Job and family
In the institut is a Mother's space and child space with toys, books for children,changing table for a baby and a couch for sleeping.

Cooperation with Familienservice PME for the referral of nannys, support during emergency as well as programms for children during school holidays. The MPG covers the cost of the service.

Advancement of woman in the form of special advancement- and network programms for woman e.g. Minerva Fast Track after the thesis or Postdoc, support of max. 3 years with the aim to apply for the managment of a research group.

Research group leaders and Mentoring for woman in science.

Girls Day in the institut, Girlsday im Effelsberg Newsletter and Girls reach the stars.

The gender coordinator supports, controls and implements the gender related. She participates actively in all personal, organisational and social events(MPG Policy). She is the contact person for all staff members,students and visitors.

Protection from sexual harassment and bulling.

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