First VLTI spectro-interferometry of a YSO with a spectral resolution of 12000: the gas distribution around the Herbig Be star MWC 297
ESO Konferenz - "From circumstellar disks to planetary systems"
Garching, Deutschland
3.-6. November 2009 mehr
"Advanced" data reduction for the AMBER/VLTI instrument
SPIE Konferenz- "Optical & Infrared Interferometry"
Marseille, Frankreich
23.-28. Juni 2008 mehr
Eta Carinae: Preparing for the Next Periastron & What We May Learn
American Astronomical Society Meeting #211
Austin, TX, USA
7.-11. Januar 2008 mehr
The structure of the Winds of η Car as seen by HST/STIS and VLTI/AMBER
Massive Stars: Fundamental Parameters and Circumstellar interactions
Carilo, Buenos Aires, Argentinien
11.-14. Dezember 2006 mehr
VLTI-AMBER observations of η Carinae with high spectral resolutions of 1,500 & 12,000
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation: Advances in Stellar Interferometry
Orlando, FL, USA
25.-30. Mai 2006 mehr
Science program of the AMBER consortium
SPIE Konferenz - "New Frontiers in Stellar Interferometry"
Glasgow, Schottland
21.-25. Juni 2004 mehr
VINCI VLTI interferometry of Mira stars and determination of stellar parameters
Herbsttagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft
Freiburg, Deutschland
15.-20. September 2003 mehr
IOTA observation of the circumstellar envelope of R CrB
SPIE Konferenz- "Optical and Infrared Interferometry II"
Hawaii, USA
22.-29. August 2001 mehr
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