Diffraction-limited bispectrum speckle interferometry and speckle polarimetry of the young bipolar outflow source S140 IRS1

D. Schertl, Y. Balega, T. Hannemann, K.-H. Hofmann, T. Preibisch, and G. Weigelt

Astronomy & Astrophysics 361, L29-L32 (2000)


We present bispectrum speckle interferometry and speckle polarimetry of the deeply embedded infrared bipolar outflow source S140 IRS1, a massive protostellar object in the L1204 molecular cloud. Using the SAO 6m telescope, we obtained 280 mas resolution polarization maps of S140 IRS1 as well as a K-band image with diffraction-limited resolution lambda/D of 76 mas, which is the highest angular resolution image of a young outflow source ever obtained in the infrared. Our data suggest that the central source is marginally resolved with a FWHM diameter of approximately 20 mas (~20 AU). The most remarkable feature in our image is a bright extended and very clumpy structure pointing away from the central source in exactly the same direction as the blue-shifted CO outflow lobe. A centro-symmetric pattern of high polarization in this feature suggests that we see scattered light from the central source. We interprete this feature as the clumpy inner surface of a partially evacuated cavity in the circumstellar envelope around IRS1, which has been excavated by the strong outflow from IRS1.

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