An asymmetry detected in the disk of κ Canis Majoris with the AMBER/VLTI

A. Meilland, F. Millour, P. Stee, A. Domiciano de Souza, R.G. Petrov, D. Mourard, S. Jankov, S. Robbe-Dubois, A. Spang, E. Aristidi, P. Antonelli, U. Beckmann, Y. Bresson, A. Chelli, M. Dugué, G. Duvert, S. Gennari, L. Glück, P. Kern, S. Lagarde, E. Le Coarer, F. Lisi, F. Malbet, K. Perraut, P. Puget, F. Rantakyrö, A. Roussel, E. Tatulli, G. Weigelt, G. Zins, M. Accardo, B. Acke, K. Agabi, E. Altariba, B. Arezki, C. Baffa, J. Behrend, T. Blöcker, S. Bonhomme, S. Busoni, F. Cassaing, J.-M. Clausse, J. Colin, C. Connot, A. Delboulbé, T. Driebe, P. Feautrier, D. Ferruzzi, T. Forveille, E. Fossat, R. Foy, D. Fraix-Burnet, A. Gallardo, E. Giani, C. Gil, A. Glentzlin, M. Heiden, M. Heininger, O. Hernandez Utrera, K.-H. Hofmann, D. Kamm, M. Kiekebusch, S. Kraus, D. Le Contel, J.-M. Le Contel, T. Lesourd, B. Lopez, M. Lopez, Y. Magnard, A. Marconi, G. Mars, G. Martinot-Lagarde, P. Mathias, P. Mège, J.-L. Monin, D. Mouillet, E. Nussbaum, K. Ohnaka, J. Pacheco, C., Perrier, Y. Rabbia, S. Rebattu, F. Reynaud, A. Richichi, A. Robini, M. Sacchettini, D., Schertl, M. Schöller, W. Solscheid, P. Stefanini, M. Tallon, I. Tallon-Bosc, D. Tasso, L., Testi, F. Vakili, O. von der Lühe, J.-C. Valtier, M. Vannier, and N. Ventura

Astronomy & Astrophysics, vol.464, pg.73-79 (2007)


Aims:We study the geometry and kinematics of the circumstellar environment of the Be star κ CMa in the Brγ emission line and its nearby continuum.

Methods: We use the AMBER/VLTI instrument operating in the K band, which provides a spatial resolution of about 6 mas with a spectral resolution of 1500, to study the kinematics within the disk and to infer its rotation law. To obtain more kinematical constraints we also use a high spectral resolution Paβ line profile obtain in December 2005 at the Observatorio do Pico do Dios, Brazil and we compile V/R line profile variations and spectral energy distribution data points from the literature.

Results: Using differential visibilities and differential phases across the Brγ line we detect an asymmetry in the disk. Moreover, we found that κ CMa seems difficult to fit within the classical scenario for Be stars, illustrated recently by α Arae observations, i.e. a fast rotating B star close to its breakup velocity surrounded by a Keplerian circumstellar disk with an enhanced polar wind. We discuss the possibility that κ CMa is a critical rotator with a Keplerian rotating disk and examine whether if the detected asymmetry can be interpreted within the “one-armed” viscous disk framework.

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