1) High resolution optical images of the starburst ring around the Seyfert nucleus of NGC7469

W. Mauder, G. Weigelt, I. Appenzeller, S.J. Wagner

Astronomy and Astrophysics 285, 44 (1994)


We present speckle masking observations of the core of the Seyfert plus circumnuclear starburst hybrid galaxy NGC7469. High-resolution images were obtained in three different wavelength bands. The images show a ring-shaped emission region with a radius of about 1".3 (~ 400 pc at a distance of 65 Mpc) consisting of about a dozen individual cloud-like features. Near the center of the ring we find a bright unresolved source superimposed on an extended and elongated structure extending about ± 0".4 towards the PAs 50deg and 230deg

2) Speckle masking observations of NGC 1068 and NGC7469

K.-H. Hofmann, W. Mauder, and G. Weigelt

Extranuclear Activity in Galaxies (proceedings), ESO workshop held in Garching on May 16-18, 1989, E.J.A. Meurs and R.A.E. Fosbury (eds.), p. 35-37
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