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Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn

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Sun block for the "Big Dog"

March 27, 2013
Astronomers detect titanium oxide and titanium dioxide around the giant star VY Canis Majoris [more]

Stellar baby boom

March 13, 2013
Astronomers observe starburst galaxies in early space with the ALMA telescope – and discover the most distant detection of water published to date [more]

Chameleon pulsar baffles astronomers

January 24, 2013
An international team - led by Dutch astronomers (SRON, NOVA and ASTRON) - has made a tantalizing discovery about the way pulsars emit radiation. [more]

Germany joins the SKA Organisation

December 20, 2012
Ten countries now involved in the pre-construction phase of the world’s largest telescope. [more]

Physical constant passes the alcohol test

December 13, 2012
Fundamental properties of molecules have not changed during the past seven billion years [more]

Cosmic refinery

November 23, 2012
Using IRAM's 30m-telescope, astronomers find indications for vast petroleum reservoirs in the Horsehead Nebula [more]

Supermassive black hole inflates giant bubble

October 29, 2012
Observations of the Radio Galaxy Messier 87 with the European Low-frequency LOFAR Telescope [more]

A black widow's Tango Mortale in gamma-ray light

October 25, 2012
Max Planck scientists discover record-breaking millisecond pulsar with new analysis method [more]

New Molecules detected with SOFIA

October 25, 2012
Observations with the airborne observatory help to understand both sulfur and water chemistry in the interstellar medium [more]

A pulsar with a tremendous hiccup

July 24, 2012
Max Planck scientists discover a young and energetic neutron star with unusually irregular rotation [more]

A magnification of two million

July 18, 2012
Telescope network zooms in on the heart of a distant quasar [more]

Close-up of active galactic nucleus

July 06, 2012
First interferometric signals between the Effelsberg telescope and orbital radio telescope Spektr-R [more]

Fuel for the Black Hole

May 18, 2012
First investigations with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer reveal the dust torus around the black hole in a galactic nucleus [more]

OD and SH – two new molecules in space

May 10, 2012
The German GREAT receiver on board of the flying observatory SOFIA studies the birth of stars in the galaxy [more]

The discovery of deceleration

February 02, 2012
Stellar astrophysics helps to explain the behaviour of fast rotating neutron stars in binary systems [more]
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