Wichtige Entdeckungen des Radioteleskops

First light of the radiotelescope at 11cm wavelenght (1971)

First light, received with an uncooled 11cm prime focus receiver. The supernova remnant HB21 is moving through the beam.

All-sky survey at 408 MHz (1982)

The all-sky survey at 408 MHz (C.G.T. Haslam et al. 1982, A&AS 47, 1), observed with the 100-m telescope together with the telescopes at Jodrell Band / UK and Parkes / Australia.

Detecting cosmic magnetic fields by the Zeeman effect (1989)

The Zeeman effect describes the splitting of spectral lines in magnetic fields. This effect could be observed in the water molecule (H2O) for the first time with the 100-m telescope and allowed the study of magnetic fields in molecular clouds.

D. Fiebig and R. Güsten 1989, "Strong magnetic fields in interstellar H2O maser clumps", Astronomy and Astrophysics 214, S. 333-338.

A detailed radio map of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) at 6cm (1998)

Water in a distance of 11 billion light years (2008)

Detection of a water vapor maser in the quasar MG J0414+534 (V. Impellizzeri et al., 2008, Nature 456, 927-929).

Splitting of the components of the pulsar B1913+16 (1998)

Splitting of the components of the pulsar B1913+16. The data of 1980-1988 has been observed with the Arecibo telescope. The observations from 1995-2000 with the Effelsberg telescope led to the discovery of the Geodetic precession in this system (nach M. Kramer, 1998, Astroph. J. 509, 856).

Observation of gravitational lensing in the double quasar 0957+561 (1981)

Observation of gravitational lensing in the double quasar 0957+561 (R. Porcas et al., 1981, Nature 289, 758).

Intraday variability (1985)

Fast changes of the intensity of Active Galactic Nuclei (Intraday variability - IDV) have
been discovered with the 100-m telescope by A. Witzel et al. in 1985.

Cygnus region with several supernova remnants (1990)

42 new supernova remnants were discovered in the 11cm galactic plane survey (Reich et al.)

A map of the Andromeda galaxy -M31- (1974)

A detailed map of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) in the radio continuum at 11cm wavelength (E. M. Berkhuijsen, R. Wielebinski, 1974, AA 34, 173)

First discovery of an extragalactic water maser (1977)

First discovery of an extragalactic water maser in M33 (E. Churchwell et al., 1977, A&A 54, 969-97).

First discovery of a millisecond pulsar (2010)

The first millisecond pulsar found during the "High Time Resolution Universe (North)" Survey. Here, its position is marked on an all-sky gamma ray picture, taken with the FERMI satellite (NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT collaboration).
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