Titlepage, preface, table of contents, two conference photos (1,04 MB)

Session I: The Galactic Magnetic Field (1,79 MB)

The Large-scale Magnetic Field Structure of our Galaxy: Efficiently Deduced from Pulsar Rotation Measures

J.L. Han

Statistical Analysis of Extra-galactic Rotation Measures

M. Johnston-Hollitt, C.P. Hollitt and R.D. Ekers

A Re-examination of Data on Magnetic Fields in the Galaxy

R. Wielebinski and D. Mitra

Structure Function Studies for Turbulent Interstellar Medium

X.H. Sun and J.L. Han

Session II: Galactic Surveys (5,73 MB)

Polarization Structures in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey: A Multispectral View

R. Kothes and T.L. Landecker

Polarization of the Outer Galaxy

R.I. Reid

The Effelsberg 1.4 GHz Medium Galactic Latitude Survey (EMLS)

W. Reich, E. Furst, P. Reich, B. Uyaniker, R. Wielebinski and M. Wolleben

The DRAO 26-m Large Scale Polarization Survey at 1.41 GHz

M. Wolleben, T.L. Landecker, W. Reich and R. Wielebinski

A Large-Scale Radio Polarization Survey of the Southern Sky at 21cm

J.C. Testori, P. Reich and W. Reich

Spectral Index Variations of Galactic Emission

P. Reich, W. Reich and J.C. Testori

Session III: The Magnetized ISM (4,26 MB)

The Novelty of the Polarized Sky

B. Uyaniker

Unraveling the Structure in the ISM Through Radio Polarimetry

M. Haverkorn, P. Katgert, A. G. de Bruyn and F. Heitsch

An Additional Source of Turbulence in the Warm ISM of the Inner Galactic Plane?

M. Haverkorn, B.M. Gaensler, N.M. McClure-Griffiths, J.M. Dickey and A.J. Green

Faraday Rotation and Depolarization of Galactic Radio Emission in the Magnetized Interstellar Medium

E.N. Vinyajkin

Modelling Faraday Screens in the Interstellar Medium

M. Wolleben and W. Reich

Magnetic Fields and other Parameters of the Diffuse Galactic ISM

T.H. Troland

Heating of the ISM by Alfveé-wave Damping

F. Spanier

Session IV: Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds and SNRs (4,03 MB)

Observations of Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds

R.M. Crutcher

Collapse of Interstellar Molecular Clouds

D. Zengin, E.R. Pekunlu and E. Tigrak

Influence of the Diamagnetic Effect on Magnetorotational Instability in Accretion Discs

E. Akbas and E.R. Pekunlu

Magnetic Fields in Supernova Remnants

E. Fürst and W. Reich

Polarized Emission from Optical Filaments in Two Low Surface Brightness Supernova Remnants

A. Yar-Uyaniker, B. Uyaniker and R. Kothes

The Cygnus Loop: Two Colliding Supernova Remnants

B. Uyaniker, W. Reich, A. Yar-Uyaniker, R. Kothes and E. Fürst

Galactic Distribution and the Luminosity Function of Pulsars

I. Yusifov and I. Kucuk

Pulsars and the Warp of the Galaxy

I. Yusifov

Session V: Extragalactic Magnetic Fields  (2,27 MB)

Magnetic Fields in Galaxies

M. Krause

Magnetic Fields in Galaxies - 3D Numerical Simulations

M. Soida and K. Otmianowska-Mazur

Session VI: The Polarized CMB  (2,27 MB)

Prospects for Polarimetry of the Interstellar Medium with the Planck Satellite

J.A. Tauber

Observations in the BOOMERanG Field at 1.4 GHz

E. Carretti, G. Bernardi, S. Cortiglioni, R.J. Sault, M.J. Kesteven and S. Poppi

A Template of Galactic Polarized Synchrotron Emission in the Frame of CMBP Experiments

G. Bernardi, E. Carretti, R. Fabbri, C. Sbarra, S. Poppi and S. Cortiglioni

Session VII: Instrumental Developments (1,33 MB)

PolKa: A New Polarimeter for Millimeter and Submillimeter Bolometer Arrays

G. Siringo, E. Kreysa, L.A. Reichertz and K.M. Menten

Astronomical Research at the TUBITAK National Observatory Z. Aslan DEFPOS (Dual Etalon Fabry-Perot Optical Spectrometer)

I. Yegingil, U. Kiziloglu, M. Sahan, M. Akyilmaz and N. Aksaker

The Erciyes University Radio Telescope Project for Neutral Hydrogen Observations in the Galaxy

I. Kucuk and I. Yusifov

ROTSE-III Station in Turkey

M.E. Ozel, U. Kiziloglu and Z. Aslan

Session VIII: Past, Present and Future (255 kB)

The History of Radio Continuum Surveys

R. Wielebinski

Conference Summary

R. Wielebinski

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