VLBI History

Construction of the MK II Correlator

MK II Correlator under construction (March - September)
At the end of Oktober the first MK II Test Fringes are done

1978 - 1992
MK II correlation with various playback drives over the years
2" Ampex, 1" IVC, RCA VCR


HP 1000F Computer for the MK III correlator arrived

MK III Correlator with 6 crates at work
with 3 Honeywell H96 playback drives (November 82)

New MK IIIA correlator with 12 crates at work
First VLBA-type playback drive working

1994 - 1997
Playback drives 6 - 9 added to the system (Interferometrics)
Thin tape upgrade added to Playback drives 1 - 8

New MK IV correlator
has been received in Bonn

First test correlation at Dezember 1999
from left to right:
Kevin Dudevoir, Alan Whitney, Walter Alef, Bill Wildes, Heinz Fuchs, Horst Blaschke, Roger Capallo, Uwe Stursberg, Michael Wunderlich und Dave Graham

celebration at December 1999

January 2000
software update
Mike Titus, Arno Müskens (GUIB), Dave Graham

MK IV correlator

MK IV correlator board

05.12 2002
1. correlation with Mark5-Module
Geo Experiment T2009 Station: MC

VLBI HPC cluster

Software Correlator
First Fringes: April 2010

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