Joint Workshop
"Polarisation & Active Galactic Nuclei"

Joint Workshop on "Polarisation & Active Galactic Nuclei"

Brussels, 16-17 October 2012

This COST meeting was a joint meeting between COST Action MP1104 "Polarization as a tool to study Solar System and beyond" and COST Action MP0905 "Black Holes in a Violent Universe.  The goal of this meeting is to see how polarimetry / spectropolarimetry at various wavelengths can help astronomers disentangle the structure of AGNs like e.g. the central regions around supermassive black holes or jets. Also it will be important to discuss how to discriminate between different jet models based on polarisation properties. What can we learn about Active Galactic Nuclei and their jets based on polarisation information?

Location: Meridian Room - Royal Observatory of Belgium - Brussels

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