Programme and Presentations

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

10h00-10h30 Welcome and arrival of the participants
10h30-10h45 Welcome speech Hervé Lamy & Silke Britzen
10h45-11h25 A panchromatic review of thermal and non-thermal AGN Robert Antonucci - invited talk
11h25-12h05 Implications for the Unification Model of AGNS from spectropolarimetric survery of Sy2 galaxies Hien Tran - invited talk
12h05-12h25 Testing the AGN unified model using spectropolarimetry Cristina Ramos Almeida
12h25-12h45 From the theoretical unified model to NGC 1068: new UV/optical constraints on the AGN reprocessing regions Frédéric Marin
12h45-13h00 Discussions (Unified Model)
13h00-14h10 Lunch break
14h10-14h20 Poster presentation1: Jet flares as beacons for gravitational waves Laszlo Arpad Gergely + poster
14h15-14h20 Poster presentation2: Polarization signatures of synchrotron emission from hot spots in an accretion disk. Constraining SgrA* properties Monica Valencia-S
14h20-14h40 How can polarization studies improve our understanding of black hole and quasar physics? Marianne Vestergaard
14h40-15h00 Non-axisymmetric continuum emission from AGNs or binary BHs? Spectropolarimetric implications Martin Gaskell
15h00-15h20 Optical circular polarisation in quasars Dominique Sluse
15h20-15h40 Polarimetry as a clue towards FeLoBAL quasar geometry Daniel Lawther
15h40-16h00 General discussion
16h10-17h00 Coffee break & poster discussion
17h00-17h20 Near infrared polarimetry of a sample of blazars José A. Acosta Pulido
17h20-17h40 New insights into the study of the clumpy torus of AGN using near-infrared polarimetry Enrique Lopez
17h40-18h00 Radiative transfer modelling of the AGN dusty torus as a clumpy two-phase medium Marko Stalevski
18h00-18h40 General discussion (IR polarimetry, dusty torus)
18h45 Departure to dinner place
19h00-23h00 Dinner

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

09h00-09h20 Near-infrared polarization measurements in the galactic center: the black hole and circum/interstellar media Andreas Eckart
09h20-10h00 Wideband Polarimetry with the Jansky Very Large Array Rick Perley - invited talk
10h00-10h40 Energy transfer from galactic nuclei to the IGM and how to measure it Philipp Kronberg - invited talk
10h40-11h00 Coffee break and poster discussion
11h00-11h20 Polarization, magnetic fields and radio galaxies in galaxy clusters Gianfranco Gentile
11h20-11h40 Linear and circular radio and optical polarization studies as a probe of AGN physics Ioannis Myserlis
11h40-12h00 Polarised jets in AGN Eduardo Ros
12h00-12h20 Relativistic HD and MHD modeling for AGN jets Rony Keppens
12h20-12h40 Signatures of synchrotron radiation from the relativistic AGN jet base Oliver Porth
12h40-13h00 General discussion (jets)
13h00-14h10 Lunch break
14h10-14h30 Improving BH mass measurements in quasars : characterizing the velocity structure of the broad line gas Jens Juel Jensen
14h30-14h50 The physics of AGN: prospects from X-ray polarimetry René Goosmann
14h50-15h10 X-ray polarization in the lamp-post geometry of the compact corona illuminating a BH accretion disc in AGN Michal Dovciak
15h30-16h00 Final discussion & conclusions
16h00 end


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