Effelsberg-Systems Group

Monitoring and Controlling

At the Effelsberg observatory an advanced Integrated Controlling and Monitoring (InteRCoM) system is implemented to access parameters of receivers and back ends of the 100-meter radio telescope. [Read more ...]

Time Reference Distribution System

Radio Astronomy needs accurate timing in order to synchronize with other telescopes and to enable high precision pulsar measurements. In Effelsberg, we provide time stamps synchronized with GPS and high precision second time pulses as well as standard reference frequencies synchronized with our own hydrogen masers. [Read more ...]

Vacuum Technique and Refrigerator Technology

In our Radio Astronomy Receiver system, we are using the Cryodyne Helium Refrigerator for simultaneous refrigeration at two stages of two-temperature ranges (15 oK and 70 oK).The main components of the systems are Compressor Unit, Control unit, Refrigerator Unit and a separate Vacuum pump unit. [Read more ...]

Radio Astronomy Receivers System and Technology

Antenna Receiver systems used in radio astronomy are called radio telescopes or radiometers. Radio telescopes measure RF power radiated by astronomical objects. [Read more ...]

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