Monitoring and Controlling

At the Effelsberg observatory an advanced Integrated Controlling and Monitoring (InteRCoM), system is implemented to control the receiver and data acquisition equipment of the 100-meter Radio telescope. InteRCom controls and monitors every receiver's device over TCP- based protocol. InteRCom provides several interfaces like CAN, SPI, I2C, UART and similar interfaces. It interfaced various Receiver components and devices. Using the interface we can monitor and control varies devices parameters for example LNA Temperature, Dewar vacuum, detected power level, DC voltage and current level and other important parameters.

This project is managed by: and maintained by the Systems group at Effelsberg.


The flexible InteRCoM graphical user interface (IGUI) displays import parameters and indicates values out of range at a glance. Depending of authorization users may also control different parameter values in order to set switches in receivers of signal path as well as voltages and currents in certain components e.g. low noise amplifiers.

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