Dr. Benjamin Winkel

Scientific Staff
Radio-Observatorium Effelsberg, Scientific Service
+49 (0)2257-301-167
+49 (0)228-73-3393

Main Focus

Spectrum Management

Curriculum Vitae

Benjamin Winkel studied physics at the University of Bonn and completed a PhD

in astronomy at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy in Bonn in 2009. In 2011,

he took up a position as a scientist at the radio observatory in Effelsberg,

where he is an expert in spectroscopic measurements. His main scientific project

is the Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey, a complete mapping of the 21-cm spectral line

of neutral hydrogen in the Northern Hemisphere. For this he has played a leading

role in the development of data processing software and has gained some

expertise in dealing with radio frequency interference.


Since 2015, Benjamin Winkel has also been responsible for spectrum management

issues. This involves protecting the highly sensitive measurements made with the

radio telescope from human-made radio transmissions. This also requires a great

deal of coordination with representatives of industry and administrations, both

nationally and internationally. Benjamin Winkel has also written a software

package especially for this, pycraf: https://github.com/bwinkel/pycraf.

He is also a delegate in the European expert committee CRAF

(Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies, https://craf.eu) of the ESF

(European Science Foundation), since 2021 as chair.

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