Partner Institutions

Partner Institutions - University of Bonn

The Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, founded on October 18th, 1818, is among the largest universities in Germany with around 38,500 students. Approximately 5,200 foreign students from more than 130 countries and a large number of visiting professors and lecturers from abroad give an international dimension to teaching and research. [more]

Partner Institutions - University of Cologne

The University of Cologne (German Universität zu Köln) is one of the oldest universities in Europe and, with over 44,000 students, the largest university in Germany. The University of Cologne was established in 1388 as the fourth university in the Holy Roman Empire after Charles University of Prague (1348), the University of Vienna (1365) and the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (1386). [more]

International Cooperations

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Partners and Cooperations

The Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR), the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie (AIfA) of the University of Bonn and the 1st Physics Institute of the University of Cologne participate in numerous international collaborations.

IMPRS researchers can take advantage the partners' international cooperations: they are frequently in volved using international observatories such as Pico Veleta (Spain), APEX (Chile), or the airborne SOFIA observatory. Through the RadioNet the partner institutions are linked to all European radio observaotries.

Workshops and international astrophysical conferences which offer increased visibility to IMPRS researchers. Most of the former IMPRS reserachers became postdoctoral fellows in at institutes collaborating with MPIfR, the AIfA and the 1st Physics Institute in Cologne.

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