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NASA's SOFIA Featured in the Astrophysical Journal Special Edition

April 19, 2012
NASA Press Release about the first refereed papers based on observations with the FORCAST receiver onboard the airborne observatory SOFIA. [more]

NASA's SOFIA Captures Images of the Planetary Nebula M2-9

March 29, 2012
New image release of the SOFIA institute about observations of the Planetary Nebula M2-9 with the airborne observatory SOFIA. [more]

Astronomy Day on March 24, 2012.

March 07, 2012
News Release (in German) about a special program in the visitors' pavilion at Effelsberg radio observatory with five topical talks and a series of (3D) movies. The program was attended by a total number of 400 visitors. [more]

APEX Turns its Eye to Dark Clouds in Taurus

February 15, 2012
Press Release of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) on APEX observations of a nearby star-forming region in the Taurus constellation with the MPIfR built LABOCA-camera. [more]

The Wild Early Lives of Today's Most Massive Galaxies

January 25, 2012
ESO Press Release about APEX observations of supermassive black holes in the central regions of active galaxies after a period of intensive star formation. Axel Weiß from MPIfR is co-author in the project. [more]

Beacons in space

November 03, 2011
Pulsars are among the most exotic objects in the universe. They resemble gigantic atomic nuclei and rotate around their own axis at an incredible speed. These cosmic beacons mark the end of massive suns. Theoretically predicted in the 1930s, they were discovered three decades later by a young astronomer – purely by chance. [more]

SOFIA en route to Germany

September 20, 2011
On 17 September 2011 SOFIA, the airborne observatory, flew from Palmdale, California to Cologne, Germany. Author and science writer Alexander Stirn was on board. This is his log. [more]

SOFIA - the observatory above the clouds

September 19, 2011
Airborne observatory SOFIA provides astronomers with a new window into space [more]

German teachers fly to the stars with SOFIA

July 16, 2011
DLR Press Release about the two first German teachers accompanying a science flight onboard the airborne observatory SOFIA. Observations were performed with GREAT, jointly built by MPIfR and Cologne University. [more]

The antenna in the valley

May 05, 2011
The construction of the 100-metre radio telescope four decades ago at Effelsberg bears witness to the fine art of engineering [more]

"The 100-m telescope is better than ever before"

May 05, 2011
An interview with Michael Kramer on the scientific value of the 100-metre telescope at Effelsberg. [more]

GREAT: First Installation on SOFIA

January 31, 2011
First installation of the German-built GREAT receiver onboard the airborne observatory SOFIA. A number of pictures shows both, installation and technical crew. [more]

The Universe as a physics laboratory

October 18, 2010
By observing light emitted over the past 13.7 billion years, astronomers and astrophysicists can study our cosmic origins. [more]

Reflections on the discovery of Pulsars

September 23, 2010
Talk by Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell: “Reflections on the discovery of pulsars” on October 21, 2010 at 18:30 in “Festsaal” of the main Bonn university building. [more]

NEXPReS to further advanced computing and networking for astro

July 21, 2010
ASTRON Press Release about a contribution of 3.5 million Euro by EEC to support the "Novel Explorations Pushing Robust e-VLBI Services" (NEXPReS) project. MPIfR participates via e-VLBI and LOFAR. [more]
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