Requesting financial aid

Because of the vast over-subscription for financial aid, we will not be able to provide support for travel costs (train, air, bus transportation, and so on). Instead, our financial aid will be used to partially support the hotel and registration fees of a limited number of students, based on merit as judged by our financial aid review panel (see below). Furthermore, the financial aid will only be provided on-site in Bonn at the start of the school in September, or *after the school has finished* as a reimbursement. This limitation is dictated to us by the funding sources we are using for the financial aid.

In order to be considered for financial aid, please arrange to have the following materials e-mailed to: essea[at]

Your CV
A letter of interest
A letter of recommendation from your supervisor

All materials should clearly indicate your full name and the full name of your home institution for proper identification. Your curriculum vitae should include the complete physical (postal) address where you can be reached. Your letter of interest should explain why you are interested in learning about single-dish radio astronomy and how you intend to put single-dish training to use in your future research.

All three items, your CV, your letter of interest, and the letter of recommendation, must be received by the end of the day on 2010 June 01. A review panel from MPIfR will examine all of the financial aid applications, and award our available support based on merit and fulfilling the requirements of our financial aid funding sources.

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