Venue and Information (pdf)

The joined morning sessions (and the afternoon sessions of Quantum Malta 2012) will take place at an Old University Building, located on the Valletta campus, St. Paul's Street.
Please note: This is different from the new university campus located by the University Ring Road!
Please take a look at the map Old University Building.

The University of Malta
The Old University Valletta Campus, St. Paul's Street
Valletta, VLT 1216 Malta
Tel: +356 2340 7501/2 or +356 2133 1734

The afternoon sessions of Black Holes: From Quantum To Gravity are being held at the Mediterranean Conference Center, just a couple of minutes walk away from the Old University Building.

Mediterranean Conference Centre
Triq l-Isptar
Valletta, VLT 1645 Malta
Tel: +356 21 243 840/3  +356 21 245 900

The Hotels

The Victoria Hotel
Gorg Borg Olivier Street
Sliema, SLM 1807

Tel: +356 21 334 711
Fax: +356 21 334 771

The Palace Hotel
High Street
Sliema, SLM 1542

Tel: +356 21 333 444
Fax: +356 2262 1000

The Sliema Hotel
59 The Strand,
Sliema, SLM07

Tel: +356 21 324 886

Meeting point for the first day

For the first day (Tuesday) only there will be guides to show participants the way from the Meeting Point on map between 08:40 and 09:10. If you are arriving on another day please let us know or ask another participant to help you find the way.

Getting from the Hotel to the Venue

By ferry

The Victoria and Palace hotel are located app. 700m from the Sliema Ferry terminal, the Sliema Hotel even closer (see map.)
The ferry crosses the bay and takes you to the Ferry terminal on the Valletta side. From there it is app. 850m to the University building. The schedule of the ferry service can be found at Ferry services.
The ferry run takes about 10 minutes.

By bus

You can also take the bus from Sliema (hotel area) to the conference venue (Valletta). Going to the conference venue take 12 or 13, from bus stop 1, 2 or 3 marked in map, and stay on up to the final stop (Bus Terminus). At bus stop 1 and 3, stay on the seaside (Stage: Chalet, Ferry 2 respectively) while bus stop 2 is the only one in the street.

To go back to the hotel everything is the same but on the opposite side of the street for bus stop 1 and 3 (Stage: Sliema, Ferry 5 respectively) while there is no bus stop 2.

These routes are run very frequently, but stop up to about 21:00 and then run less frequently until 23:00. There are also night buses available with more information on their website. The trip should take about 30mins depending on traffic, but plan for 50mins in the morning due to rush hour traffic.

For a comprehensive list of routes log on to Now the bus should stop in any case, but you can put out your arm if in doubt. Also you can pay the driver on board.

Getting from the Airport to Sliema (the hotels)

Buses between the airport and the hotel area (Sliema) run regularly (the X2 leaves outside the airport twice an hour from 05:30 until 23:00, and takes about 30 minutes), the operator is Arriva and the travel options are below:

  • Option 1: X2 (Stop at Tas-Sliema, bus stops at bus stops 1 and 3 marked on the map)
  • Option 2: X1 (Stop at Pembroke Park & Ride 1) Change to 12 or 13 (Stop at Tas-Sliema, stops 1 and 3)
  • Option 3: X4 (Stop at Valletta) Change to 12 or 13 (Stop at Tas-Sliema)
  • Option 4: X5 (Stop at Valletta) Change to 12 or 13 (Stop at Tas-Sliema)


A taxi service from the Malta International Airport to Valletta costs approximately €20 or less. For more information on taxi fares click here.

Note that for reimbursement all taxi fares need to have a written justification, and by COST rules taxi fares shall only be reimbursed where no public transport is available, for early departure (between 0:00 am to 7:00 am) or late arrivals (after 10:00pm), and only up to a maximum of 40 EUR per leg. Taxi receipts are always required.

Public Outreach

A general public talk is going to be held by the heads of both COST Actions Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics and Black Holes in a Violent Universe.

Speakers: Dr Angelo Bassi (Chair of Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics) and Dr Silke Britzen (Chair of Black Holes in a Violent Universe)

Date: 24 Tuesday, April 2012.

The Outreach event is held on Tuesday, 24.4.2012, in the Europe House, 1 minutes walk from the Old University Building. Because this is a EU-building everyone entering is required to show an identification, like a passport or a valid ID.

There is a lecture for students 17:00-18:00 by Bassi, and the public talk for general audience starts at 18:00. It is held by Britzen and Bassi.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner is held on Wednesday. It is organised in Mdina, inland of the island. Transport by bus is organised. The dinner includes a guided walking tour of the old city.

  • 18:00 Pickup from the University Building conference venue, travel by bus and a organised walking tour of the old city
  • 20:30 Proceed to dinner at Bacchus restaurant
  • 23:00 Transport back to Sliema near the conference hotel.
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