We would like to invite all Black Hole scientists to our COST conference

Black Holes: From Quantum To Gravity

April 24-26, 2012 in Malta

The conference is organised together with the Physics department of the University of Malta.

This conference will cover Black Hole related topics like Black Hole- and AGN-evolution, the scientific and technical approaches towards the Event Horizon of SgrA*, as well as the problem of Singularities.

We plan 6 sessions - each introduced by an expert speaker (40 minutes) and followed by shorter contributed presentations for the specific scientific fields.

Our COST Action Black Holes in a Violent Universe has the main goal to further the understanding of the general phenomenon of Black Holes by bringing together scientists from all Black Hole mass-ranges and all over Europe.

One session will be devoted to Quantumgravity and will be jointly organized by the

COST Actions MP1006 (Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics) and MP0905

bringing the small scales, and the large Black Hole masses together!

Looking forward to welcome you at Malta!

Dr. Silke Britzen, Chair of the COST action MP0905

For further information with regard to our Action, please have a look at our COST homepage.

For further information on the Quantum Action MP1006 - please check here.

The Quantum-Foundations conference will cover most relevant problems which are at the heart of quantum mechanics: the micro-to-macro transition, entanglement, quantum non-locality and relativistic constraints, experimental verifications of the basic principles of the quantum theory. These are also the main goals of the COST Action Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics, which gathers some of the most important scientists working in this field.

Please acknowledge inspiration or support by our COST Action or this meeting in your publications.

Part of this work was supported by the

COST Action MP0905: - Black Holes in a Violent Universe -

Have a good journey to Malta.

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