Important history milestones in GREAT

4th – 5th December GREAT Pre-Shipment Review: release of shipment, airworthiness ok’d
September Shipping GREAT to NASA's Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility (DAOF) in Palmdale, CA
October  Re-installation at DAOF, successful post-shipment verification
1st Quarter  Installation in aircraft, interface checks, EMI/EMC, software interfacing during series of line ops
1st April Observatory characterization flight OCF4, GREAT detects first light
April GREAT Short Science flights
July – November GREAT Basic Science flights
September SOFIA deployment to Germany & Washington with GREAT installed on aircraft
18th November Kick-off meeting for upGREAT development
May 2012 Special Feature of Astronomy and Astrophysics published
April Begin Cycle 1 Science flights
July SOFIA’s first southern deployment (with FORCAST and GREAT): GREAT has 9 flights out of Christchurch
January Closing Cycle 1 Science
May Begin Cycle 2 Science flightsCommissioning of H-channel (4.7 THz)
January Closing Cycle 2 Science
May Begin Cycle 3 Science flightsCommissioning of upGREAT LFA
13th May upGREAT LFA sees first light
July GREAT is part of SOFIA’s 2nd Southern Deployment
October First design ideas for low-frequency extension 4GREAT (working title “downGREAT”)
December Closing Cycle 3 Science
May Begin Cycle 4 Science flightsCommissioning of upGREAT HFA
June GREAT is part of SOFIA’s 3rd Southern deployment
December Build-up of 4GREAT starts
February Closing Cycle 4 Science
1st Quarter NASA completes the installation of the Phase 2 infrastructure on board: two liquid-cooled Helium compressors available
June Begin Cycle 5 Science flightsCommissioning of the full upGREAT configuration (operation of HFA and LFA in parallel)
July GREAT is part of SOFIA’s 4th Southern DeploymentCommissioning of 4GREAT’s bands 4G-1, 4G-2 and 4G-4 in New Zealand
February Closing Cycle 5 Science
May Transfer of GREAT-L1 mixer into 4GREAT system: 4GREAT at its full capabilities
June Begin Cycle 6 Science flightsGREAT is part of SOFIA’s 5th Southern deployment
December Closing Cycle 6 Science
May Begin Cycle 7 Science flights
June GREAT is part of SOFIA’s 6th Southern deployment
March Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, GREAT’s flight series ends earlyLast GREAT flights within Cycle 7 Science
May COVID-19 pandemic: GREAT’s coming flight campaign and SOFIA’s Southern deployment canceled
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