Fields of activity

We are developing electronics, optics, software and mechanical components for astronomical infrared and optical camera systems. We use our speckle camera system for our observation runs as well do we contribute our technology and know-how to several astronomical consortia.

Imaging Sensors

Optical and near-infrared sensors

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Readout Electronics

Centerpiece of the electronics development is our readout electronics. It's task is the clocking of the imaging sensors, the analog conditioning of the video signals and the averaging and transmission of the digitized pixel values. We attached great importance to noise reduction technologies and a flexible and mobile design to operate different imaging sensors (PICNIC, HAWAII-1) as part of our participation in instruments like e.g. AMBER and LINC-NIRVANA, as well as the usage for our own observation runs at different international telescopes.

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Data Reduction Software

Our departement is responsible for the implementation of the image reconstruction algorithms defined by our astronomers. The developed image reconstruction software can reconstruct images of an astronomical object observed with an optical/IR interferometer like the ESO VLTI.

For information about the data reduction software developed for the LINC-NIRVANA project read more..

Data Acquisition

Our departement developes software to process and display image data. The software design offers the opportiunity to immediately visualise and analyse measured data during observation as well as doing extensive characterisation measurements of each imaging sensor in our laboratory.

For a detailed description of the MoDAS Modular Data Acquisition System software and its components read more ...

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