IMPRS Alumni

Here follows the list of former members of the IMPRS for Astronomy and Astrophysics in reverse order of thesis defence. Theses can be retrieved either by clicking the title or with the search engines for: The University of Bonn library here or by giving parameters here (recommended) The University of Cologne, here

Year Name PhD Thesis Day of Defense 2018 Dr Elvijs Matrozis

Evolution of carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars orginating from mass transfer in stellar binaries

02 February 2018 Dr Ka Tat Wong

The physics and chemistry of oxygen-rich circumstellar envelopes as traced by simple molecules

30 January 2018 2017 Dr Fang-Chun Liu

Water deuterium fractionation in star-forming regions

17 October 2017 Dr Marzieh Parsa

Stellar Motion Near the Supermassive Black Hole in the Galactic Center

13 October 2017 Dr Michal Zajacek

Interaction between interstellar medium and black hole environment

12 October 2017 Dr Alessandro Ridolfi

Long-term timing of pulsars in globular clusters

26 July 2017 Dr Alberto Doria

Weak Lensing–X-ray Scaling Relations for a High Redshift Galaxy Clusters Sample

11 April 2017 20172016 Dr Behnam Javanmardi

Cosmological Investigations On Large and Small Scales

08 February 2017 Dr Denise Keller

Molecules in the circumstellar envelope of the evolved carbon-rich star IRC+10216

25 January 2017 2016 Dr Pablo Torné

Exploring Radio Pulsars with New Technologies

20 December 2016 Dr Hananeh Saghiha

Galaxy-galaxy(-galaxy) lensing in semi-analytic models and observations

19 December 2016 Dr Naftali Kimani Kinematics study of M81 and M82 Galaxies 22 November 2016 Dr Alice Pasetto Exploring the environment of high Rotation Measure Active Galactic Nuclei through wide-band radio spectropolarimetry observation 17 October 2016 Dr Luca Grassitelli Instabilities in the envelope of stars 7 October 2016 Dr Laurentiu Caramete Ultra High Energie Cosmic Rays (UHECR) - From Massive Black Holes to Cosmic Rays 15 September 2016 Dr Ricardo Nicolaos Caballero Probing Gravity with High-Precision Pulsar Timing 19 July 2016 Dr Carolina Mora Deep radio continuum study of NGC4631 and its Faraday tomography 30 June 2016 Dr Philip Schmidt The Radio Continuum Halos of the Edge-On Galaxies NGC 891 and NGC 4565 24 June 2016 Dr Frédéric Jaron Physical processes behind the periodic radio and GeV emission from the X-ray binary LS I +61°303 9 June 2016 Dr Miriam Ramos Ceja Studying galaxy clusters through X-rays and the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect:simulations, detection and characterization 8 June 2016 Dr Jana Köhler Studying large-scale structures and polarization oft he Northern sky facilitating single-station data of Low Frequency Array (LOFAR)“ 31 May 2016 Dr Tobias Röhser The Physical Properties of Intermediate-Velocity Gas at High Galactic Latitudes 31 May 2016 Dr Marion Wienen

Temperatures and Distances to High-mass Star-forming Regions in the Inner Galaxy

24 May 2016 Dr Zahra Sheikbahaee

Weak Gravitational Lensing Study of Dark Matter Distribution in The Abell 226/228 Supercluster Field Using COMBO-17 Survey Data

24 May 2016 Dr Katharina Borm

Forecasts for Galaxy Cluster Observations and Cosmological Implications from the eROSITA All-Sky Survey

17 March 2016 Dr Axel Buddendiek Optical Data Analysis and its Application to Cosmology 11 March 2016 Dr Patrick Lazarus Pulsar Discoveries and their Exploitation 9 March 2016 Dr Gerrit Schellenberger X-ray analysis of a complete sample of galaxy clusters 9 March 2016 2015 Dr Abhijeet Borkar Monitoring the Galactic Center at 3mm 3 November 2015 Dr Banafsheh Shahzamanian Near-Infrared Polarimetry in the Galactic Center - On Properties of Sagittarius A* and a Dusty S-cluster Object 30 October 2015 Dr Ioannis Myserlis A framework for the study of physical conditions in astrophysical plasmas through radio and optical polarization - Application to extragalactic jets 30 October 2015 Dr Konstantinos Markakis Galactic Nuclei in the NIR: Probing the impact of the central engines on their host galaxies 21 October 2015 Dr Biagina Boccardi The two-sided relativistic outflow in Cygnus A: extragalactic jet physics at extreme spatial resolution 20 October 2015 Dr Lars Flöer Automated Source Extraction for the Next Generation of Neutral Hydrogen Surveys 28 September 2016 Dr Semir Smajic Nuclei of Nearby Active Galaxies: NIR and Sub-mm Views and Finalizing the LINC-NIRVANA Fringe and Flexure Tracking System: Flexure and Temperature Behavior 29 June 2015 Dr Florent Mertens Advanced techniques for interferometric imaging and image analysis 26 June 2015 Dr Sebastian Kiehlmann Origin of the gamma-ray emission in AGN jets - A multi-wavelength photometry and polarimetry data analysis of the quasar 3C279 26 June 2015 Dr Ioannis Nestoras Broadband Radio Jet Emission from Gamma Ray Blazars 22 June 2015 Dr Vassilis Karamanavis Zooming into y-ray loud galactic nuclei: broadband emission and structure dynamics of th blazar PKS 1502+106 and the narrow-line Seyfert 1 1H 0323+342 06 May 2015 Dr Felipe P. Navarrete Avendano The APEX submilimeter imaging survey of distant galaxies in the COSMOS field 04 May 2015 Dr Jeff Hodgson  Ultra-high resolution observations of selected blazars 29 January 2015 Dr Matteo Tomassetti  Numerical simulations of galaxy formation: molecules in high-redshift galaxies  27 January 2015 2014 Dr Jasmin Vural  Resolving the inner circumstellar disks of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be stars with infrared interferometry 22 December 2014 Dr Milan den Heijer Tracing the Evolution of Local Universe Galaxies by Kinematical Studies of HI 18 December 2014 Dr Nadeen Sabha  On the Nature of Objects in the Central Stellar Cluster 5 December 2014 Dr Cherry Ng  Pulsar Searching and Timing with the Parkes Radio Telescope 19 November 2014 Dr Franz Kirsten  Pulsar astrometry with VLBI and beyond 20 October 2014 Dr Guangxing Li Understanding the dynamics of molecular clouds  20 October 2014 Dr Michael Brockamp Massive Black Holes in Galaxies 29 September 2014 Dr Maryam Habibi Starburst clusters in the Galactic center 8 September 2014  Dr Sandra Burkutean Structure in galaxy clusters revealed through Sunyaev-Zel'dovich observations: A multi-aperture synthesis approach' 14 August 2014   Dr Jan Wagner  RFI Mitigation for VLBI and Arrays Water Megamasers in Active Galaxies 26 June 2014 Dr Mariangela Vitale  Multi-wavelength studies of Active galactic Nuclei: The link between black-hole accretion and galaxy evolution  9 April 2014

Dr Anastacia Tsitali 

Submillimeter studies in low-mass star forming regions
8 April 2014 Dr Bindu Rani Broad-band study of selected Gamma-ray active blazars 24 January 2014 2013 Dr Anderl Sibylle Models and observations of shocks in molecular clouds 11 December 2013 Dr Silvia Spezzano Rotational Spectra of Elusive Molecules in the Laboratory and in Space 09 December 2013 Dr Katharina Immer Chemical evolution of the high-mass star forming complex W33 13 November 2013 Dr Antoniadis Ioannis Multiwavelength Studies of Pulsars and their Companions 06 September 2013 Dr Zimmermann Lisa Variability of radio and TeV emitting X-ray binary systems. The case of LS I +61°303 24 July 2013 Dr Koyel Das Conversion of linear polarization in a digital receiver and search for coherence in thermal Bremsstrahlung 28 June 2013 Dr Arturo Gómez Ruiz Molecular Outflows in Star Forming Regions 3 June 2013 Dr Alex Kreplin Infrared interferomretry of the circumstellar disks of young stellar objects 24 April 2013 Dr Ewan Barr Searching for pulsars with the Effelsberg telescope 8 April 2013 Dr Esteban Morales Young stellar clusters throughout the Galaxy and the interaction with their molecular environment 12 March 2013 Dr Christian M. Fromm Spectral Evolution in Blazars: The case of CTA 102 22 January 2013 Dr Monica Valencia-Schneider IRAS 01072+4954. A laboratory for studying the star formation - AGN relation in the local universe 17 January 2013 2012 Dr Fujun Du Modelling the chemistry of dark clouds 20 August 2012 Dr. Laura Gomez Physical and Chemical Properties of Protocluster Clumps and Massive Young Stellar Objects Associated to Infrared Dark Clouds 10 July 2012 Dr. Jennifer Piel A Detailed Study of Galaxy Clusters with Weak Gravitational Lensing and X-rays 18 June 2012 Dr. Michael Marks Dynamical fingerprints of star cluster formation 22 March 2012 2011 Dr. Lies Verheyen The dusty, molecular envelopes of Red Supergiant stars: VY Canis Majoris as the Archetypal Example 28 October 2011 Dr. Frank Schinzel Physics and kinematics of the parsec scale jet of the quasar 3C345 19 October 2011 Dr. Mar Mezcua Supermassive binary black hole systems in active galaxies 18 October 2011 Dr. Gabriele Surcis High resolution magnetic field measurements in high-mass star-forming regions 12 September 2011 Dr. Filomena Volino Models for radio lenses 07 September 2011 Dr. Shi Xun Cosmic shear correlations 03 August 2011 Dr. Rainer Rolffs Structure of Hot Molecular Cores 22 June 2011 Dr. Evangelia Tremou Spectroscopic studies on AGNs and High angular resolution in the NIR: The construction of an imaging beam combiner for the LBT 04 April 2011 Dr. Kirill Sokolovskiy Multi-frequency study of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei 01 February 2011 Dr. Ioana Dutan Jets from Spinning Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei 31 January 2011 2010 Dr. Devaky Kunneriath Galactic Centre observations with local mm-telescope arrays 18 November 2010 Dr. Chin-Shin Chang Active Galactic Nuclei throughout the Spectrum: M 87, PKS 2052-47, and the MOJAVE sample 25 October 2010 Dr. Marios Karouzos A multi-wavelength study of the evolution and pc-scale jet kinematics of active galaxies 25 October 2010 Dr. Tzu-Cheng Peng Galactic massive star forming regions near and far 03 September 2010 Dr. Xinzhong Er Weak Lensing Flexion Study 23 August 2010 Dr. Rusen Lu High Frequency VLBI Studies of Sagittarius A* and NRAO 530 13 July 2010   Dr. Kazi Rygl Massive star-forming regions across the galaxy 14 June 2010 Dr. Mohammad Zamaninasab Near Infrared Polarimetry: A Tool for Testing Properties of Sagittarius A* 19 April 2010 2009 Dr. Elena Cenacchi Polarization properties of the Effelsberg 100-m telescope 27 November 2009 Dr. Kosmas Lazaridis Multi-telescope studies of neutron stars 30 October 2009 Dr. Martin Nord Observations of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect towards Clusters of Galaxies with the APEX Telescope 21 August 2009 Dr. Nicola Marchili Variability studies of a sample of IntraDay Variable Sources 25 June 2009 Dr. Manuel Aravena Environment and Properties of Submillimeter Galaxies 13 March 2009 Dr. Carolin Dedes The APEX Southern Sky Survey of High Mass Star Forming Regions 27 February 2009 Dr. Tim Eifler Theoretical Aspects of Cosmic Shear and its Ability to Constrain Cosmological Parameters 06 February 2009 2008 Dr. Nadia Kudryavtseva Periodic Variability in Active Galactic Nuclei 15 October 2008 Dr. Koraljka Mužić The central parsec of the Milky Way at 3.8 µm 23 June 2008 Dr. Anupreeta More A tale of two wide separation gravitational lenses 05 June 2008 Dr. Tim Schrabback-Krahe Measuring Cosmological Weak Lensing using the Advanced Camera for Surveys on Board the Hubble Space Telescope 15 February 2008 Dr. Leonhard Meyer The Near-Infrared Activity of Sagittarius A* 09 January 2008 Dr. Fatemeh Tabatabaei Thermal and Nonthermal Emission from the Nearby Galaxy M33: A multi-scale study of infrared and radio emission 22 January 2008 2007 Dr. Nikhil Jethava Superconducting Bolometers for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Astronomy 28 September 2007 Dr. Stefan Kraus Infrared Spectro-Interferometry of Massive Stars: Disks, Winds, Outflows, and Stellar Multiplicity June 2007 Dr. Jorge Luis Pineda Gálvez Properties of the Molecular Gas in Low Metallicity Environments 19 June 2007 Dr. Peter Erni Early Nucleosynthesis Studies with Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy 05 March 2007 Dr. Emmanouil Angelakis Multi-Frequency Study of the NVSS Foreground Sources in the Cosmic Background Imager Field 07 February 2007 Dr. Jan Forbrich High-energy Processes in Low-mass Protostars - An X-ray to Radio Multi-wavelength Perspective 06 February 2007 Dr. Laura La Porta The Impact of Galactic Synchrotron Emission on CMB Anisotropy Measurements February 2007 2006 Dr. Anke Pagels Beobachtungen der unmittelbaren Umgebung von Supermassiven Schwarzen Löchern - Millimeter-VLBI von AGN 28. August 2006 Dr. Jens Kauffmann Infrared interferometry of disks of young stellar objects August 2006 Dr. Jörg Peter Dietrich Combined Weak Lensing and X-ray Search for Galaxy Clusters and the Filaments Connecting Them 12 July 2006 Dr. Krisztina Éva Gabányi High Resolution Study of Selected Intraday Variable Sources 12 June 2006 Dr. Andreas Horneffer Measuring Radio Emission from Cosmic Ray Air Showers with a Digital Radio Telescope 29 May 2006 Dr. Rupal Mittal A VLBI investigation of the discrepant image flux-density ratio in the gravitational lens JVAS B0218+357 27 April 2006 Dr. Thushara Pillai The Initial Conditions of High Mass Star Formation February 2006         2005 Dr. Martin Kilbinger Cosmological Parameters from Second- and Third-Order Cosmic Shear Statistics 09 December 2005 Dr. Matthias Kadler Compact Radio Cores in AGN: The X-ray Connection October 2005 Dr. Christoph Böttner Dense Cores in Galactic Cirrus Clouds 01 July 2005 Dr. Maik Wolleben The Low-Resolution DRAO Survey of Polarized Emission at 1.4 GHz May 2005 2004 Dr. Silvia Leurini Methanol: A Diagnostic Tool for Star Formation 22 December 2004 Dr. Tim Huege Radio Emission from Cosmic Ray Air Showers 14 December 2004 Dr. Maruša Bradač Exploring Dark Matter Properties from the Smallest to the Largest Scales 03 November 2004 Dr. Elmar Körding Jets from X-ray Binaries to Active Galactic Nuclei 21 September 2004 Dr. Uwe Bach VLBI Observations of Two Prototypical AGN July 2004 Dr. Lars Fuhrmann Investigations of Intraday Variable Blazar Cores and the Connected Interstellar Medium 27 August 2004 Dr. Andreas Brunthaler Proper Motions in the Local Group June 2004 Dr. Enno Middelberg Gas Around Active Galactic Nuclei and New Phase Calibration Strategies for High-Frequency VLBI April 2004 2003 Dr. Andrea Raccanelli HUMBA: The Hundred Millikelvin Bolometer Array for 2 mm Continuum Observations 16 July 2003 Dr. Giorgio Siringo PolKa: A Polarimeter for Submillimeter Bolometer Arrays May 2003 Dr. Giuseppe Cimò Multi-frequency Analysis of Intraday Variable Radio Sources April 2003 Dr. Claudia Comito Exploring the Submillimeter Sky: Molecular Line Studies at 350 µm April 2003
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