Organisation and Planning Workshop

  Organisation and Planning Workshop

December 3 - 4, 2012 Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie Bonn / Germany

The RadioAstron Key Science Workshop was held on 3 - 4 December 2012 at the MPIfR in Bonn. The workshop was aimed at discussing the letters of intent submitted by various groups of investigators who intended to conduct extensive observational programs in the key science areas of RadioAstron. The discussions  provided a basis for shaping up the Key Science Program (KSP) of RadioAstron, forming and structuring the KSP teams, and planning further steps for preparation and submission of the KSP proposals to the programme committees of RadioAstron and the supporting ground VLBI networks and radio telescopes.

The main areas of research with RadioAstron include studies of compact radio emission in active galactic nuclei, relativistic flows, pulsars, and masers, as well as extended applications of high-resolution radio observations to studies of interstellar medium and experiments in fundamental physics.

Registration for the workshop was restricted to representatives of the research teams who have submitted the letters of intent for RadioAstron KSP and have been invited by the RadioAstron International Scientific Council (RISC) to participate in the meeting.


Phil Edwards Andrei Lobanov (chair)
Carl Gwinn Beate Naunheim (secretary)
Ken Kellermann (co-chair) James Anderson
Yuri Kovalev (co-chair) Sebastian Kiehlmann
Andrei Lobanov Florent Mertens
Rene Vermeulen Tuomas Savolainen
Anton Zensus Anton Zensus

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