Financial Support

Limited financial support is available

Limited financial support from the COST Action MP0905 is available for some of the WG participants. All requests for financial support indicated in the registration will be evaluated by a selection committee. After the evaluation, participants will be informed and receive an invitation from the e-COST system indicating if financial support will be granted or not.

Please note, that in case financial support is granted, the participant has to officially accept this in the e-COST system to allow for the reimbursement to take place.

Following travel reimbursement rules have been accepted by the COST Action MP0905:

  • Reimbursement of two nights if the meeting is of 1,5 day duration. For the Meeting in Bologna hotel cost of 82€/night will be covered.
  • Flight costs - reimbursement of the most economic flight not exceeding 600 Euro
  • Travel by car: reimbursement according to the COST rules
  • Travel by train: reimbursement if the total costs are below the corresponding expenses by aircraft.

    In exceptional cases the Vice-Chair can allow for travel support deviating from the above rules if eligible and within the work plan budget of the meeting (such as flight above 600€, etc.) Please contact: in this case.

The COST rules of the travel expenses:

1. Travel by plain, train and long distance buses
The most economical arrangement has to be considered when traveling by air. Therefore early booking is recommended. Originals or legible photocopies of the ticket and the boarding card have to be enclosed to the travel reimbursement request. The shortest and most economical route by rail or bus between the departure point and the place where the meeting is held must be used. First class rail or bus travel may be reimbursed by the Grant Holder. The cost of seat reservations and transport of necessary luggage, and supplements for fast trains and sleepers (instead of hotel) are eligible expenses.

2. Travel by private or hire car
The use of a private or hire car is reimbursed on the basis of EUR 0.20 per kilometre (no fuel, toll, car park etc. will be reimbursed) for one person traveling alone. Where two or more persons are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses and use the same car, only the person responsible for the car shall be reimbursed at the rate of EUR 0.30 per kilometre and the name of the passengers must be declared on the reimbursement form. Travel by car for a distance of more than 2 000 km total is normally not reimbursed and in any case no additional accommodation is paid A proof of distance including address of departure has to be attached.

Local Organizers

Karl-Heinz Mack
Franco Mantovani
Marika Rosati

S. Britzen
I. Rottmann
Viola Tegethoff

Location and Transportation

Conference Venue

The 3rd WGs Committee and Working Groups Meetings of the COST Action MP0905 Black Holes in a Violent Universe will be held at CNR Research Area, Via P. Gobetti 101, I-40129 Bologna

CNR Research Area, Via P. Gobetti 101, I-40129 Bologna

Travel Information

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