ALMA Data Capturer

We have co-developed the DataCapturer for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) control software. The DataCapturer is a Java-based CORBA component running in the framework of the ALMA Common Software (ACS). The software component acquires meta data during an observation with a telescope (sub-) array and writes out the collected information such as antenna names, antenna positions, source description, pointing data etc. as an ALMA Science Data model (ASDM) dataset into the ALMA archive data base.

The DataCapturer is the interface between the telescope and the science domain. All meta data information is flowing downwards through the DataCapturer. In the telescope domain it gets information from the control system and the correlator and produces science formatted data for ALMA subsystems in the science domain. ASDM data is delivered to the Quicklook display system and the telescope calibration subsystem of the ALMA Software. The final dataset is stored at the end of an sequence of observations (combined in an execution block) in the ALMA science archive.


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