Leaving Bonn

Things to do When Leaving
  • Give notice of leaving to your landlord

Check your renting contract to find out how long before leaving you have to give notice (usually 3 months in advance). Give notice in writing. Make sure you have a proof of delivery (by either handing over the note personally against signature or by mailing it as “Einschreiben mit Rückschein” (registered mail with return receipt)).

Arrange a time with the landlord to come and view the flat before you leave. He will check to make sure that everything is in order (i.e. that nothing is damaged) and then pay your deposit (or part of it in case of damages) back to you. Check in advance in which form this repayment will be made. If you will be given a cheque you will have to deposit it in your bank account at least a day before closing the account.

  • End health insurance (if not limited anyway)
  • Close electricity and telephone account (for which you will normally have given direct debit authorization).
  • Unregister at the Einwohnermeldeamt
  • Terminate any standing orders with your bank (e.g. for rent) in time and finally close bank account.
  • Leave your future address in the IMPRS Office
  • Give a copy of your PhD thesis in digital form (PostScript or PDF) to the IMPRS Office (not necessary if you submitted an electronic version to the eLibrary of the University of Bonn (ULB) or Cologne (KUPS)).
  • Return the IMPRS Notebook and security lock to the IMPRS Office.
  • Return IMPRS book(s) to the IMPRS Office.
  • MPIfR: “work off” the Laufzettel/Circular letter (i.e. return keys, transponder, return books to the library, pay outstanding bills etc.
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