Soft-skills Seminar for the years 2012

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    April 19, 20, 2012


    Presentation skills for natural scientists

    Tutor: Dr. Ben Brüggemann (Major Physics)

    Room: 0.01, Time: 09:00-17:00


    The participants develop their presentation skills towards more convincing scientific talks and more effective poster presentations. Through video feedback, areas of potential for improvement are identified. New skills are trained in a supporting environment.


    Preparation of the talk/poster contents:

    • Defining the goals for the presentation.
    • Specific opportunities of poster presentations and talks.
    • Identifying the needs of the target audience.
    • Defining a central subject or story.
    • Dramaturgy: introduction (what), identification (why is it important), fascination 
(research results), projection (transfer to every-day life), take-home message. 

    Preparing the slides/poster:

    • General layout.
    • Structure elements.
    • Information content per slide, usage of text and graphics
    • Aspects of graphical design for slides and posters - colors,orientations, figures, 


    • Preparation (technical and personal).
    • Way of speaking and body language.
    • Interaction with the audience.
    • How to deal with questions and remarks. 

Presentation by the trainer, practical exercises. Role play to train the interaction with the audience. A short talk by every participant is recorded and played back during the training. Group and trainer feedback and the presenters own impressions help to improve his/her presentation skills. 

2 training days (8h). Max. 12 participants. 

Dr. Ben Brüggemann works as coach and trainer for natural scientists. He obtained his Ph.D. in physics (theory of ultrafast spectroscopy) at Humboldt-University Berlin, and worked for five years as PostDoc in Lund (Sweden) and Berlin. He has co-authored 22 peer-reviewed publications, and participated in numerous international conferences with talks and posters.

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