Monday Seminar

    Once a week one or two members of the IMPRS for Astronomy & Astrophysics present their work in a 20-minute-long talk imitating the “real-life” presentation followed by 10 minutes of discussion and questions. That helps them develop confidence and familiarised with the processes of presenting their work.

    The rules of the IMPRS Monday Seminar, are:

    • every student delivers in total 3 talks within the 3 years of their study: one after the first 6 months, one after18 months and one after 30 months      
    • the presentation is limited to 20 minutes and 10 minute of discussion
    • the presentations are chaired by the speaker of the previous week who gives a short introduction to the current speaker, moderates the questions and discussion and is responsible for the “feedback sheets” that the audience has to fill in and can be downloaded here 
    • the seminars take place every Monday at 13:00 in room 0.01 of the MPIfR
    • the speaker must be at the lecture room 30 minutes before the talk

    Note: For technical support call: Herr Gast at (tel: 0228 525 - 107). The telephone number of seminar room 0.01 is 0228 525 - 350 and the number for the teleconference 0228 525 - 812. The IP address of the videoconferencing system in Bonn is:, and in Cologne:

    The links for the corresponding years, are: 

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