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Publications 2014

Refereed and Invited Papers

Balega, Y. Y., Chentsov, E. L., Leushin, V. V., Rzaev, A. Kh., Weigelt, G.: Young Massive Binary θ1 Ori C: Radial Velocities of Components. Astrophysical Bulletin 69: 1, pp. 46-57 (2014).

Liermann, A., Hamann, W.-R., Oskinova, L. M.: The Quintuplet cluster. III. Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and cluster age (Corrigendum). A&A 563, C2 (2014).

Matter, A., Labadie, L., Kreplin, A., Lopez, B., Wolf, S., Weigelt, G., Ertel, S., Pott, J.-U., Danchi, W.C.: Evidence of a discontinuous disk structure around the Herbig Ae star HD 139 614. A&A 561, A26 (2014).

Tambovtseva, L. V., Grinin, V. P., Weigelt, G.: Hydrogen lines as a diagnostic tool for studying multicomponent emitting regions in hot young stars: magnetosphere, X-wind, and disk wind. A&A 562, A104 (2014).

Tristram, K. R. W., Burtscher, L., Jaffe, W., Meisenheimer, K., Hönig, S. F., Kishimoto, M., Schartmann, M., Weigelt, G.: The dusty torus in the Circinus galaxy: a dense disk and the torus funnel. A&A 563, A82 (2014).

Vural, J., Kreplin, A., Kishimoto, M., Wegelt, G, Hofmann, K.-H., Kraus, S., Schertl, D., Dugué, M., Duvert, G, Lagarde, S., Massi, F.: The inner circumstellar disk of the UX Orionis star V1026 Scorpii. A&A 564, A118 (2014).


Skemer, A., Apai, D., Bailey, V., Biller, B., Bonnefoy, M., Bradner, W., Buenzli, E., Close, L., Crepp, J., Defrere, D., Desidera, S., Eisner, J., Esposito, S., Fortney, J., Henning, T., Hinz, P., Hofmann, K.-H., Leisenring, J., Males, J., Millan-Gabet, R., Morzinski, K., Oza, A., Pacucci, I., Patience, J., Rieke G., Schertl, D., Schlieder, J., Skrutskie, M., Su, K., Weigelt, G., Woodward, C., Zimmerman, N.: LEECH: A 100 Night Exoplanet Imaging Survey at the LBT. Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Vol 299, pp 70-71 (2014).

Ohnaka, K., Schertl, D., Hofmann, K. H., Weigelt, G.: Milliarcsecond imaging of clumpy dust clouds in the red giant L2 Pup with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer. Asymmetrical Planetary nebulae VI conference proceedings. Conference held 4-8 November 2013 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. (Eds.) C. Morisset, G. Delgado-Inglada and S. Torres-Peimbert (2014).

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