TRAPUM (Transients and Pulsars with MeerKAT)

MeerKAT (image above) is far the largest telescope on the Southern hemisphere and more sensitive than Effelsberg or the GBT. Using this sensitivity, the ‘Transient and Pulsar with MeerKAT’ project (TRAPUM, co-led by the MPIfR and the University of Manchester) will discover numerous new pulsars and transient events, enabling us to find new laboratories for fundamental physics, establishing the population of pulsars in the plane and the centre of the Galaxy, in globular clusters and in comparison with manifestations at other wavebands. Exciting will be the discovery and localisation of Fast Radio Bursts, enigmatic bursts created at cosmological distances. TRAPUM is enabled by a technical development of receivers, digital transport systems and a beamformer and data analysis system, developed and installed by MPIfR, in collaboration with the University of Manchester. For more information see here (


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