MeerTIME = Pulsar Timing with MeerKat

MeerTIME - The MeerKAT array is the by far most sensitive telescope to time pulsars in the Southern hemisphere at a standard frequency of 1.4 GHz, where one achieves a good compromise between timing precision (driven by sensitivity) and limiting effects due to the interstellar medium (driven by frequency dependencies). MeerTIME led by Prof MatthewBailes (Swinburne) is a five-year program on MeerKAT array by an international consortium that will regularly time over 1000 radio pulsars to perform tests of relativistic gravity, search for the gravitational wave signature induced by supermassive black hole binaries, explore the interiors of neutron stars through a pulsar glitch monitoring programme, explore the origin and evolution of binary pulsars, monitor the swarms of pulsars that inhabit globular clusters and monitor radio magnetars. MeerTIME will complement the TRAPUM project and time pulsars TRAPUM discovers in surveys of the galactic plane, globular clusters and the galactic centre. The MPIfR is part of MeerTIME and co-leads the study of relativistic binaries such as the Double Pulsars for tests of theories of gravity and neutron star mass measurements. Once the MPIfR S-band receivers will be installed on MeerKAT, timing observations at even higher frequencies are possible, increasing the timingprecision even further.


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