ATLAS OF GALAXIES compiled by Maja Kierdorf and Rainer Beck (MPIfR Bonn)

This Atlas was created to enjoy the beauty and diversity of galaxies seen through “radio eyes”. The images are based on radio observations in broad wavelength bands that are relatively free of man-made interference. These “radio continuum” images are signatures of cosmic magnetic fields and cosmic-ray electrons. Gas and dust in galaxies can be imaged by observing in spectral lines in the radio and other spectral ranges. Such images are not included in this Atlas.

Additional information

The images of this Atlas are accompanied by information about the telescope, the wavelength, the angular resolution, and the publication source.

Copyright and data rights

All images may be used for scientific and public outreach purposes. The data rights belong to those listed in the corresponding publication. We kindly ask to give reference to the website of this Atlas and the original publication.

Downloading FITS images

Most images of this Atlas (total and polarized intensities) are available as FITS data files and can be downloaded by clicking onto the file name to the right of each image. In all follow-up publications using these data, credit must be given to the owners and their institute. Unpublished data cannot be downloaded. Requests for FITS files of Stokes Q and U (needed to compute polarization angles) should be addressed to the data owners.


The data owners are responsible for any errors in the data files, not the authors of the Atlas.


We thank our colleagues for providing their data for this Atlas: Marita Krause (MPIfR), Uli Klein (University of Bonn), Chris Chyży, Marian Soida and Marek Urbanik (University of Cracow/Poland), Bernd Vollmer (University of Strasbourg), Marek Weżgowiec (University of Bochum / University of Cracow) and Michael Dumke  (ESO). We thank Bill Sherwood (MPIfR, retired) for initiating and producing the first version of this Atlas. Special thanks go to Patricia Reich (MPIfR) for support to compile the webpages of this Atlas and to Peter Müller (MPIfR) for providing the plotting software as part of the NOD3 software package.


Rainer Beck,

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