The galaxy M51 (NGC 5194), also known as the "Whirlpool Galaxy", belongs to the Hubble class SA(s)bc, but is peculiar due to interaction with its companion galaxy NGC 5195  (to the north). Its disk is inclined by -20° with respect to the sky plane. The galaxy has a distance median value of 7.9 Mpc. M51 is famous for its prominent spiral arms in the optical and the radio range.

151 MHz

M51 151 MHz 20" I

20.5 cm

M51 20.5 cm 15" I

M51 20.5 cm 15" PI

6.2 cm

M51 6.2 cm 8" I

M51 6.2 cm 8" PI

3.6 cm

M51 3.6 cm 8" I

M51 3.6 cm 8" PI

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