Student Projects

Our department is engaged the training of young astronomers at the levels of bachelor, master, and PhD studies, in collaboration with the neighbouring universities of Bonn and Cologne and other international partners (e.g., the University of Würzburg or the University of València) and collaborations.

Bachelor & Master

Research projects at the undergraduate level (bachelor and master) in the above mentioned topics are possible at the group.  Please contact Prof. Eduardo Ros about this possibility for potential topics.

PhD Projects

Doctoral studies are possible in the framework of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS).  A list of available PhD projects and supervisors is shown below.  For more details, please check projects with code AZ at our IMPRS webpage.

Former and present PhD candidates at the Radio Astronomy/VLBI Department (under construction)

Name PhD Defense Date Thesis (key - UB: Univ. Bonn, UK: Univ. Köln)
Dr. Alef, Walter 1985 Title to be checked (UB)
Dr. Angelakis, Emmanouil 07 February 2007 Multi-Frequency Study of the NVSS Foreground Sources in the Cosmic Background Imager Field (UB)
Dr. Angioni, Roberto 19 October 2018 VLBI and gamma-ray studies of radio galaxies in the TANAMI monitoring program (UK)
Dr. Baczko, Anne-Kathrin 18 December 2019 Multi frequency VLBI observations of the active galaxy NGC1052 (UK)
Ms. Benke, Petra exp. 2024 VLBI Studies of AGN (working title; UK)
Dr. Boccardi, Biagina 20 October 2015 The two-sided relativistic outflow in Cygnus A: extragalactic jet physics at extreme spatial resolution (UK) - Otto Hahn Medal & Otto Hahn Award of the Max Planck Society
Dr. Chang, Chin-Shin 24 October 2010 Active Galactic Nuclei throughout the Spectrum: M 87, PKS 2052-47, and the MOJAVE sample (UK)
Dr. Chidiac, Céline 28 April 2020 A 3-mm Imaging Line Survey of the Central Molecular Zones of M 82 and IC 342 (UB)
Dr. Fromm, Christian M. 22 January 2013 Spectral Evolution in Blazars : The case of CTA 102 (UB) - PhD Award of German Astronomical Society
Prof. Dr. Hodgson, Jeff 29 January 2015 Ultra-high resolution observations of selected blazars (UK)
Dr. Höllmer (née Kramer), Joana A. 18 October 2023 MHD Processes and Polarised Emission in AGN Jets (UK)
Dr. Karamanavis, Vassilis 06 May 2015 Zooming into γ-ray loud galactic nuclei: broadband emission and structure dynamics of the blazar PKS 1502+106 and the narrow-line Seyfert 1 1H 0323+342 (UK)
Dr. Kiehlmann, Sebastian 26 June 2015 Origin of the gamma-ray emission in AGN jets - A multi-wavelength photometry and polarimetry data analysis of the quasar 3C 279 (UK)
Dr. Kim, DongJin 08 December 2021 Circumnuclear gas in radio AGN revealed by molecular absorption (UK)
Prof. Dr. Kim, JaeYoung 11 September 2018 High Spatial Resolution Millimeter VLBI Studies of the Nearby Radio Galaxies M 87 and 3C 84 (UK)
Dr. habil. Middelberg, Enno 02 April 2004 Gas Around Active Galactic Nuclei and New Phase Calibration Strategies for High-Frequency VLBI (UB)
Dr. Mertens, Florian 26 June 2015 Internal structure and dynamics of extragalactic relativistic jets (UK)
Dr. Mezcua i Pallerola, Mar 18 October 2011 Supermassive binary black hole systems in active galaxies (UK)
Dr. Müller, Hendrik 18 July 2023 Advanced VLBI Imaging (UK)
Dr. Myserlis, Ioannis 30 October 2015 A framework for the study of physical conditions in astrophysical plasmas through radio and optical polarization: Application to extragalactic jets (UK)
Dr. Nair, Dhanya Gopalakrishnan 08 March 2018 Global Millimeter VLBI Array Survey of Ultracompact Extragalactic Radio Sources at 86 GHz (UK)
Dr. Paraschos, Georgios F. 27 September 2022 A comprehensive analysis of the nucleus of the radio source 3C 84 with VLBI (UK)
Dr. Pötzl, Felix M. 04 March 2021 Space-VLBI studies of the parsec-scale jet in the quasar 3C 345 (UK)
Dr. Rani, Bindu 24 January 2014 Broad-band study of selected Gamma-ray active blazars (UK)
Dr. Ricci, Luca 16 October 2023 Jet formation and propagation in the nearby radio galaxy NGC 315 (UK)
Mr. Röder, Jan exp. 2024 A Multi-Wavelength View of the Quasar 3C345 (working title; UK)
Mr. Saurabh exp. 2026 High-resolution observations of the environment of black holes in active galactic nuclei (working title; UK)
Dr. Schinzel, Frank K. 19 October 2011 Physics and Kinematics of the Parsec Scale Jet of the Quasar 3C345 (UK)
Dr. Sokolovskiy, Kirill 01 February 2011 Multi-frequency study of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei (UK)

Detailed student projects (example report from IMPRS members)

Roberto Angioni (2015-18)
PhD Project: VLBI and gamma-ray studies of radio galaxies

Defense on October 19, 2018
Biagina Boccardi (2012-15)
PhD Thesis: The two-sided relativistic outWow in Cygnus A: extragalactic jet physics at extreme spatial resolution

Defense on October 20, 2015
The thesis obtained the Otto Hahn Medal and the Otto Hahn Award of the Max Planck Society more
Céline Chidiac (2017-20)
PhD Project: A 3-mm Imaging Line Survey of The Central Molecular Zones of M 82 and IC 342

Defense on April 28, 2020 more
Jeff Hodgson (2011-15)
PhD Project: 4 years of monitoring Gamma-ray bright blazars with global 3 mm VLBI.

Defense on January 29, 2015
Vassilis Karamanavis (2012-15)
PhD Project: Zooming into γ-ray loud galactic nuclei with mm-VLBI and single-dish studies

Defense on May 6, 2015. more
Sebastian Kiehlmann (2012-15)
PhD Project: The Quasar Movie Project - A multi-wavelength analysis of the quasar 3C279 

Defense on June 26, 2015 more
DongJin Kim (2018-21)
PhD Project: A search for molecular absorption in AGNs

Defende on December 8, 2021 more
PhD Project: Studies of nearest radio galaxies by global millimetre-VLBI observations

Defense on November 20, 2017

Awarded with the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max-Planck-Society more
Joana A. Kramer (since 2020)
Project Title: Magnetohydrodynamic Processes and Polarized Emission in AGN Jets more
Florent Mertens (2012-15)
PhD Project: Internal structure and dynamics of extragalactic relativistic jets

Defense on June 26, 2015
Ioannis Myserlis (2012-15)
PhD Project: Extragalactic relativistic jet microphysics through Linear and Circular multi-frequency polarization monitoring

Defense on October 30, 2015 more
Dhanya G. Nair (2015-18)
PhD Project :  Global Millimeter VLBI Array Survey of Ultracompact Extragalactic Radio Sources at 86 GHz

Defense: March 08, 2018 more
Georgios F. Paraschos (2019-22)
PhD Project: High frequency observations of AGN

Defense on September 27, 2022 more
Felix M. Pötzl (2017-21)
PhD Project: Magnetic Fields in Active Galactic Nuclei

Defense on March 4, 2021 more
Efthalia Traianou (2016-20)
PhD Project: High-angular resolution structural and polarimetric variability of the γ-ray blazars TXS 2013+370 and 3C 454.3 

Defense on June 9, 2020
Laura Vega-García (2015-18)
PhD Project: Space-VLBI observations of blazars

Defense on October 18, 2018 more
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