Blackboard Lectures

The Backboard Lectures are meant to unify the knowledge of  all members of the IMPRS for Astronomy & Astrophysics on all major topics of modern astrophysics and alert them on their principles despite the field of immediate interest. The blackboard lectures concentrate on advanced astrophysical topics and are tailored to the needs of the IMRPS students: 

a. there is one course offered every quarter year

b. the format is restricted to the use of the blackboard unless absolutely necessary 

c. each course lasts no longer that 8 lectures and no less than 4 

d. the topics alternate between“Mathematical methods” (or other technical topics) and “Astrophysical” topics

e. the tutors are mostly sought among the young researchers of the collaborating institutes and are chosen on the basis of the credentials as to delivering high quality lectures and be skilful in teaching

You can browse all scheduled and past courses by academic year:

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