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20.9.-23.9. Annual Retreat to Langeoog

We are almost full for our retreat on the beautiful island of Langeoog. We are planning to have discussions, talks, some outdoor activities with new and "old" IMPRS students.


Getting a Doctorate in Physics

The International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Astrophysics (earlier IMPRS for Radio and Infrared Astronomy) aims at providing excellent graduate education in astronomy for participating students from Germany and abroad.

The school offers the following elements of student training in addition to the regular graduate courses at the university:

Special courses (typically two per semester) relating directly to the chosen focus themes of the school. MPIfR staff members or long term visitors will give these as semester or block courses; they will be tailored to address current research, technology and methods directly relevant to the ongoing thesis research in the IMPRS class.

A dedicated monthly seminar on the focus themes, providing opportunity for discussion and exchange between researchers and students affiliated with the IMPRS.

A thesis committee for each student member of the IMPRS. It consists of three to four senior scientists with members both from the MPIfR and from the University of Bonn and/or the University of Cologne, including the supervisor and the co-referee of the thesis. The thesis committee has the task to support the student in academic matters, to guide the research activities and to track the student's progress. A brief progress report about these meetings becomes part of the student’s file; this report forms the basis of extending the membership of the student to the IMPRS.

Possible participation in one of the summer schools offered at another astronomical institution in Europe or overseas as appropriate for the individual thesis subject.

A possible visit of several weeks to an international astronomical institute for data analysis or theoretical research, usually in collaboration with one of the external affiliates to such a program. Participation in at least one international conference or in one German research conference or professional meeting to present the results from the thesis before graduation. A loose series of practical training, including scientific writing and preparation for job applications. Participation in the institute's public outreach program geared at informing the public about astronomical research is encouraged.

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