Institute's Structure, Works Council, Ombudsman and Important Points of Contact

Institute's Structure

The institute is divided into three scientific departments each one of them is presided by a director. The three directors form the institute’s board of directors. They rotate the position as “executive director” and the current executive director is Prof. Dr. J. Anton Zensus.

Parallel to the scientific organisation is the administration and the IT department. They provide services to all members and all departments. The administrative department includes the human resources department, the accounts department and the purchase department.

The IMPRS is also parallel to all scientific departments in the MPI and in the affiliated Universities of Bonn and Cologne as it prepares and forwards applications to all of them and supports IMPRS students in the MPI and the affiliated universities. The IMPRS speaker Prof. Dr. J. Anton Zensus represents the IMPRS, the IMPRS board directs the IMPRS and the coordinator manages the program operationally.

Works Council or “Betriebsrat”

The works council is the employee’s body of interest that protects the employee’s rights and monitors whether current laws are kept. Every employee who feels that his or her rights are neglected or has a work-related problem can address the delegates of the works council with his or her concern.


The ombudsman is a person of confidence who you can speak to if you have doubts whether scientific standards were violated, i.e. wrong or missing citations, forged data etc. The scientific staff votes for the institute’s ombudsman who currently is Dr. Norbert Wex.

Information on good scientific practise: 

Important Points of Contact

Due to the fact that you are living in a foreing country and that you have to cope with many stressful situations in your professional and/or private life you might need professional psychological help. 

The University of Bonn provides points of contact for should you be in such a situation. For more information please check out: Tel. # 73-71 06, email:

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